Brogent Technologies, Inc. – フライングシアターメーカー



How big is the flying theater screen?

Brogent’s standard hemispherical dome screens have a diameter of 20m, cut on top to reduce overall height requirements for the ride.

What's the resolution of flying theater films?

Currently flying theater films are produced in resolutions between 4K and 8K resolution.

How many frames per second does the typical media based attractions movie have?

For motion based media based attractions with high speed movements and ride-type experiences a minimum of 60 fps is suggested.

What is better: single and multi projection systems?

Both solution have their very own strengths and weaknesses. Brogent offers single projector systems to screen sizes up to 20m diameter for flying theater dome screens. This kind of solution can reach a playback resolution of 4k and high brightness. For bigger screens, higher resolution requirements or irregular screen shapes multi projection systems are a good choice.

What kind of audio systems are Brogent flying theaters using?

Brogent flying theaters use up to 16 audio channels, which allow to address guests riding on different ride levels with dedicated acoustic experiences. Often underestimated, sound is one of the most important components of a great media based attraction experience.